About Mistress

PLEASE NOTE MY NEW WEBSITE.     https://englishladycassandra.com/index.html

If you are looking for a naturally dominant controlling bossy woman then you have met her.

I am a Competitive Bodybuilder and Fitness Instructor, so if fit ladies are what you like call me.

I am very into Muscle Worship, and I am extremely dominant, so if you fancy a muscular blonde overpowering you call me.

I have changed my hair from my pics a picture of it shorter is in the gallery please look

I have many things I am into, if you fancy being a cuck then ask as I have some bulls who just love to enjoy me whilst you sit there pityfully watching..how does it feel knowing you can't join in and you have to sit there watching the show whilst being tied up haha maybe you can clean up who knows??

I am always looking out for new slaves these can be online or in realtime, I have a diverse range from, cleaning, shopping, paying for my beauty treatments and then there is the toilet slaves. This needs to have 48 hours notice for me to prepare, this is not to be argued over.

I am very much into my whips, canes, corporal punishment and spanking, if you find your self over my knee or chair be warned!!! I have dealt with horses all my life a mere man is simple.

I travel worldwide.

Find me on twitter @englishladycass

If you love to see a duo then ask, I have English Girlfriends I play with and we love to amuse ourselves with you, Its so much fun we can party and have a drink whilst you are on your knees waiting for the next order...hmmm bend over bitch whilst I peg You hahaha


HS is a fetish I am becoming more known for, I do require a days notice and will not have in depth chats prior to this regarding it, please email me.

Sploshing is another fun pursuit, have had many hours of amusement with this.

I require deposits to be sent via either bank transfer or paypal to this address cassandrajones3172@yahoo.co.uk

The deposit is non negotiable on duo bookings, cuck bookings, lengthy bookings this is because too many guys amuse themselves by booking and then not turning up. This makes me extremely cross and so you all suffer!!